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fic: untitled

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Sep. 9th, 2011 | 11:55 pm

Title: Untitled
Rating: G
Spoilers: none
Warnings: unrepentant crack and fluff
Word Count: 341
Summary: There was that one time Dean and Cas were turned into cats. With bonus fanart!

There was that one time Dean and Cas were turned into cats.

As far as witches’ spells went, it was a pretty benign one, if you asked Sam. And after a couple hours research with Bobby, he was assured that any effects would wear off within a couple days at most. So, there was nothing really to be done, except bask in the absolute the hilarity of it all.

Cas took it all very well truth be told. Sam supposed it figured, what with the fact he it’s not like he washuman to begin with. Dean, though, he was a problem.

He meowed and scowled and scratched, and fumbled his four paws all over the place with dirt. He was grouchy and disgruntled and even if he couldn’t talk he still made his frustrations very apparent. Cas, he would just sit there, calm and composed as ever, tail swishing lightly as he stared Dean down with his piercing feline eyes that betrayed everything of the power of the being behind them. And as usual, all that power was directed at Dean—who at the moment, had just precedeed to fall off the bed for the second time after trying to climb up.

Really, it’s not too far removed from what Sam usually has to deal with.

In fact, they’ve acted so much in character so far that Sam is not at all surprised when Cas finally gets up, gracefully pads over to Dean’s scrambled form on the floor, and hoists him up by the skin of his neck to pull him onto the bed with him.

Dean’s furry face was one of shock and opposition at first, but as Cas settled him into the pillow against the headboard, he conceded to his saviour with a sigh, and finally, mercifully, relaxed.

And that’s how Sam found himself, one afternoon, with two cats named Dean and Cas, curled up together sleeping soundly, the only soundtrack a soft purring that radiated contentment.

And if Sam took pictures to mock them later, well, he’s only human.

 art by the ever stunning and wonderful -wondermith

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