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fic: knowing somehow we survived the fall [masterpost]

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Oct. 23rd, 2012 | 10:17 am

Title: Knowing Somehow We Survived The Fall
Author: queensnknaves
Artist: marian_leywald
Fandom/Genre: Supernatural RPS, romantic comedy
Pairing: Jensen/Misha 
Rating: R
Word Count: 11,867
Warnings: self-struggle with sexuality?

Summary: When Jensen Ackles meets Misha Collins on the set of Supernatural’s fourth season, it is not for the first time. The fact of the matter is, Jensen has rather more secrets from his past than he would like to admit--however, encountering Misha and his attraction to him again might force him to.

Fic: Part I, Part II / on AO3
Art: Art masterpost

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Edition #2,371

from: livejournal
date: Oct. 24th, 2012 03:38 am (UTC)

User heard_the_owl referenced to your post from Edition #2,371 saying: [...] by (Jensen/Misha, PG-13) Knowing Somehow We Survived The Fall [...]

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(no subject)

from: deadflowers5
date: Nov. 8th, 2012 10:04 pm (UTC)

Thanks for the AO3 link!

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